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  About Us  
Bright Magic Of italian Marble paste is a juting name in the Of italian Marble glue assiduity.Since the time of its beginning, Bright Magic Of italian Marble paste has strived to serve as many customers as possible. We at Bright Magic Of italian Marble paste, have provided our customers a specialized and professional labor which satisfies them and encourages them to go or come back to us again and again.We have served our more clients for quite a while now and take the ideal chance they have liked our exertions all around. Our unique administrations have likewise earned us new customers on as stated by guideline foundation and our work like marble,marble rock type,marble paste,Italian marble,marble arch,white cement,granite marble.We are in the field of Italian Marble paste since long time, and we would like to inform you that we have served many leading Industries and household customer,contractor,dealer who are satisfied with our quality and services which is very-well maintained till date and provide the top level material to use like marble paste,italian marble paste,magic color,marble color,color paint,wall paint,wall painting,marble paste for wall,wall painting for marble,marble countertops,white cement etc. As a result we have been receiving constant repeated orders from them.And also give to warranty card After finishing work only provide by Bright Magic Italian Marble Paste.Best Slogan Of Bright Magic:Color Chunathi Mukti.

We have our own branches across India.
Ahmedabad : 9879506068
Rajkot : 9725936130
Baroda : 9724576851
Bharuch : 9898986156
H.O. Office

  Mobile : +91 - 98795 06068
                 +91 - 93779 98717



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